Good evening everyone! I see some of you enjoy the DEMO of Season Island so far. Thank you all for the support and feedback!

I've been working hard to make the game as substantial as it can be! Here are a few of the new features that'll be available in the full game:

-FEED and EAT: FEEDing the enemy will allow you to get out of battles without having to hurt your opponents! They will become tamer and drop more credits when the battle is over. You can either EAT your food or FEED it to others! No, you cannot feed Newton, I'm afraid.

VIOLENCE isn't the only the option anymore!

-MAP and CHECKPOINTS: Season Island now has a map! It looks like the one at the title screen and it allows the player to move from one zone to another! Some CHECKPOINTS will allow the player to go to the map. Make sure to save your progress when needed!

This feature isn't speedrunner-friendly.

-SUMMER: The Somnolent Sands are filled with better items and better enemies! Beware, the difficulty level is higher. The area is big enough for a good dose of exploration!

This desert is filled with secrets!.. And a lot of outdated technology.

-TRAILER: For those who haven't seen the trailer yet, it's in the DEMO's page! A lot of talented artists helped to make it possible. Check it out!

Thank you everyone!!


> Spring: 99% completed

> Summer: 70% completed

> Fall: 5% completed

> Winter: 0% completed

Thanks again for playing the demo! Seeing that people enjoy my content, it makes me very happy.

Yours truly,


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winter 0% as it should be


As a winter fan I disagree

You can't use fans during winter it's gonna get too cold!



I'm gonna be a beast tamer! HOOHAA

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When the pacifist route

Click me!